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Perimeter PTPWF 100 WIFi Dog Fence Review

by admin on September 15, 2009

Perimeter PTPWF-100 Wireless Dog Fence
Perimeter PTPWF-100 Wireless Dog Fence

The Perimeter PTPWF-100 WiFI dog fence utilizes the latest digitally encoded 802.15 Wi-Fi radio signal technology. This pet containment model features a wire-free smart station and pet link collar, both of which carry highly integrated signal chips that link together to deliver  accurate readings of  the distance between your dog and the smart station. The Perimeter wire-free dog fence tracks the location of your dog at all times, reminding him to respect the established “safe area” you have set up.

With the Wi-Fi dog fence pet containment you don’t have to worry about strategically laying out the perimeter of the fence or messing up your lawn when burying the wire border. The wireless rechargeable dog fence can provide you with a coverage area spanning 2 1/2 acres. This wireless dog fence system is completely portable and you can take it with you while vacationing with family and friends. Your WIFI rechargeable dog fence can be up in running in minutes, offering you a much more user friendly set up than other models on the market today.

Perimeter PTPWF-100 WiFi Dog Fence
Perimeter PTPWF-100 WiFi Dog Fence

The Wi-Fi dog fence system features a superior- 2.4 GHz signal that provides 3x more coverage range than traditional dog fences. These Perimeter PTPWF 100 WiFi dog fence systems allows you to contain and train your dog at the same time. With up to 5 stimulation settings, you can safely train dogs of all temperaments. If your dog tries to challenge the system boundary or is unprotected, the system will warn you. Once you receive this warning you can decide which level of stimulation you will use to correct the behavior. You pet will quickly learn that stimulation occurs when he is testing boundaries, this association will train him to stay within the safe zone. This pet containment system allows you to customize correction levels on the dog collar, as the behavior lessens so does the intensity of stimulation. The receiver collar features comfort contact cushions, made of soft rubber, to protect your pet’s neck.  These cushions will not irritate sensitive skin, a problem that occurs with standard metal contacts. This Perimeter wireless dog fencing systems is completely flexible and gives you the option of using flags to mark boundaries. The PetLink collar features a removable, rechargeable, heavy duty, long lasting lithium-ion battery – a full charge takes only 4 to 6 hours. You can contain a maximum of 2 dogs with this Wi-Fi pet containment system. Keep your pet safe and secure with the Perimeter PTPWF-100 Wire-Free dog fence.

Perimeter Technologies

K9 Electric Dog Fence & Dog Products

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G Held January 9, 2010 at 5:53 pm

America Outdoor, an internet merchant, failed to fully refund the price paid for a defective Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence System. The merchandise was returned within 20 days after purchase, carefully re-packed in the original box, clean and in new condition. Following is an excerpt from the letter to America Outdoor requesting a full refund and explaining the defective system.

This system does not perform as it claims. We spent an entire day trying to set the perimeter.

There is no consistency in the distance from base station to the Activation Zone. Most of the time it is not even close, sometimes varying more than 30 feet short of or beyond the point of initial activation — much greater than the claimed Activation Zone of +/- 3 feet. Sometimes, it will not even activate at all anywhere along the line extending from the base station and through a previously-set activation point, allowing “holes” in the fence where it does not

Additionally, there are extreme variations in the width of the Correction Zone, well beyond the claimed width of 5 feet to 10 feet (diagram says 3 feet to 10 feet). As with the Activation Zone, the variation of the Correction Zone is random and often exceeds 30 feet. These substantial and randomly-occuring inaccuracies result in an extremely irregularly shaped Safe Zone whose boundary is ever-changing and totally unpredictable. If I cannot predict where it will activate, our dog certainly will not be able to do so.

Such an erratic system will be impossible for even the most intelligent dog to learn because the boundaries are always changing. In order to avoid the unpredictable, unfair, painful corrections, it is reasonable to expect that our dog would cower at the side of the house, as close as he can get to the base station inside, terrified of moving too far.

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